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Publisher: Violet Anamnesis Publications

Published: December 29th, 2016

Available at: Amazon, Barns & Noble


An Analytical Approach to Linear Drumming(2016)

By Lang Zhao

(Integrating Gospel Drumming Into
​Your Grooves and Chops)

This book focuses on linear playing under the gospel drummer influence via an analytical approach.

Its goal is to guide learners in establishing the ability to first capture the key sonic elements of the playing style, and later applying techniques as tools to interpret their ideas freely while breaking away from the limitations of simply memorizing licks and stickings. In other words, to benefit from the learning experience of gospel influenced drumming in order to improve both your playing and creativity.

Among others, the following topics are covered:
​sonic characteristics of gospel drumming, creative use of the metronome, bass drum placement, linear playing, groove construction, sonic vocabulary, and sticking vocabulary.

The book features Henry McDaniel IV as a video demonstrator/contributor.

In November 2018, the Chinese version was published by the China Culture and Art Publication House, one of the most esteemed publishers in China. 

An Analytical Approach to Mind-Body Connection and Creative Phrasing(2019)

By Lang Zhao

Lang`s 2nd book was published in November 2019, following the concept of the first one. 

The book features David Myers Jr. as a contributor (Frank Ocean, 6lack). It focuses on training the mind to expand your sonic vocabulary, training the body to enhance you mobility and balance on drums, as well as establishing a strong mind-body connection in order to develop creative phrasing. 

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Publisher: Violet Anamnesis Publications

Published: November 29th, 2019

Available at: Amazon, Barns & Noble

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