Lang started to study piano at the age of 4 and orchestral percussion at 14. A classical training brought him solid and effective foundational approaches to learning different instruments and music.

Before coming to the U.S., Lang was a multi-award winner both on piano and drums in China.

He also passed the top-level performance certificate exams from the Chinese Musicians Association, Central Conservatory and the Shanghai Conservatory, obtaining the top-level performance certification for both piano and drums.

In 2011, Lang obtained a Bachelor`s Degree in B.A, Finance, from Ohio State University; however he decided to keep pursuing his dream in music.

After graduating, Lang moved to L.A. to attend Musicians Institute to further study drums. Here he received the 2013 Musicians Institute Outstanding Player Award. He was also featured at DrumChannel Live around that same time.

Lang went on to become a staff member at Musicians Institute afterwards. He stayed in L.A. to further research the art form of drumming and to study with/ receive mentorship from the drumming greats such as Rob Carson, Chuck Silverman, Matt Garstka, Mark Guiliana, Will Kennedy and many others.

The advantages from Lang`s diverse cultural background and past experiences not only allowed him to become a versatile drummer, but also offered him very effective and efficient approaches to analyze and summarize information systematically from a very unique point of view.

Lang currently works as a drummer and composer. He is also working on a series of books on drumming that cover a variety of topics that range from playing technique to different styles, including research on gospel influenced drumming.

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