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Yas Nomura Guitar, Bass
Lang Zhao Drums, Synthestration

The Resonance Project - self-titled debut album

"While he is a constant advocate for education and the growth of other drummers, Lang is a constant on the modern music scene as a player as well. In 2019, Zhao teamed up with guitarist/ bassist Yas Nomura and released their self-titled debut album as The Resonance Project, for which Zhao wrote, orchestrated, and played drums. It quickly received praise from prog icons like Haken and Matt Garstka in addition to being covered by Prog Magazine and other media, becoming one of the most talked about prog albums of the year."

- Drumhead Magazine 

"Everything about this record is phenomenal, from the musicianship to the production, and this album definitely stands out as one of the best debut albums of the whole modern progressive scene."

- The Prog Space  ★★★★★ 5/5

" awesome band worth getting very excited about."

-The PROG Mind Luke`s Top Ten Album of 2019  #9

"...a rich jazz-fusion inflected take on modern on modern progressive metal."

- Prog Magazine

The Resonance Project

The Resonance Project

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